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  • We will ship your product by FedEx within 1 business day.
  • All orders will be shipped through FedEx Overnight Shipment within 3 hours after being verified by our sales executive over the phone.

  • Soon after shipping we will call you and provide you with your FedEx tracking id. A copy of FedEx tracking id will be sent to your email address also.

  • We ship via FedEx Same Day and FedEx Over Night service. Delivery Timings are varied from State to State.

  • Any order is subject to be placed on hold by billing issues.

  • Any order placed on Monday - Friday will be processed and shipped the same day and delivered by next day morning.

  • Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday it will be processed on Monday and shipped on Saturday delivery is available upon request.

All other meds are shipped from facility in Florida, California & Oklahoma and generally take about 1 - 2 business days to be received from the moment the order is shipped.

We don’t process orders on Holidays.
We ship orders to a House, Office and P.O. BOX or A.P.Os.
Please allow 24 hours for processing before order ships (weekends excluded)
If billing information or shipping addresses are incomplete, calculate arrival time starting 12 hours from the time the correct information has been supplied to our billing department.
Orders with more than 280 + pills will be sent in multiple shipments and they may not arrive the same day.
We ship medications only within the USA.
If your overnight order does not arrive within 2 business days from the moment the order was sent, we will reship the order without any extra cost, as long as the address provided was correct.
We claim all authority to transport out the drugs in view of their accessibility and will utilize our attentiveness to pick between our confirmed providers. 

Incorrect Shipping Address

Please make sure that you input a valid shipping address in your order form. We strongly recommend you double check your order information before submitting the order. Any mix-up may cause the non-conveyance of the item (since the bundle can't be come back to sender) and will be to the detriment of the client. If after you have placed your order, you notice that the address was specified incorrectly, please contact Support by Email: You can also let us know by phone after placed the order online.

In reply to your message, you are supposed to get an automatic message from the support team e-mail address notifying you that your message was received. A help administrator will answer to your request inside the most limited time conceivable.
If you did not receive an automatic reply, it means that your message did not reach us. We would be much obliged if you could call us by this number:

We speak ENGLISH only.

Not happy with the Customer support team? Please e-mail to info@ ................
Your email will be auspicious replied by the manager on weekdays during consistent business hours..



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World wide shipping for all orders over $110


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